Official Business

Documents from the past two years will be displayed online. All other documentation is filed with the East Lyme Town Clerk. 

Documents below can be accessed by clicking on them.  You will need Adobe Reader. 

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

All meetings will be held in person at the Clubhouse.

BOG Meetings:

5/24/22 BOG Meeting Clubhouse- 6:30pm

6/25/22 (Immediately Following Election Meeting)

8/23/22 @ 6:30pm

General Membership Meetings:

5/21/22 Budget Meeting @ 9:00am earlier time

6/25/22 Election  Meeting @ 10am – No Quorum Established

8/6/22 – 10am Rescheduled Election Meeting Date 

09/03/22 End of Summer Meeting @ 10:00am


Parking Lot Employee Information

Parking Lot Policies and Procedures – Must be signed before start date