Are parking tags required year round?

Yes – Parking tags are to be displayed year round if parking in the lot. Cars without parking tags displayed are subject to be towed.

How do I purchase a parking tag?

Parking tags are purchased when you pay for your taxes. Your GNHA tax bill will come with instructions. You must include an additional $10 for the parking tag, along with a self-addressed envelope.

Can I buy more than one parking tag?

No. One parking tag per household is issued. If you lose your parking tag, you must report that tag lost or stolen and if that tag is used in the lot, the car will be towed at the owner’s expense. We understand that mistakes happen and parking tags sometimes go missing – starting in 2022 if your tag is stolen or lost AND it is reported, you may be eligible to purchase a new tag at an increased cost of $50. This may seem high, compared to the original cost, but the rationale is twofold. One, we cannot issue multiple tags for households and therefore the increased cost is encourage members to be responsible with their pass and two, we have continuously increased our membership – causing us to run out of passes, so we do not have extra passes to give out on a yearly basis.

What if I give a pass to a renter and they don’t return it?
Same answer above applies. You as a homeowner are responsible for your guests and renters. It would be suggested to add the parking tag being safely returned as part of the security deposit.
Can I pay my taxes online?
Not at this time.
What’s the difference between the turnaround decal and the parking tag?
The turnaround decal is for the turnaround only. This is free to members and they receive two inside their annual newsletter packet each year. These decals MUST be stuck to the window of your car where the attendants can see it. You cannot use the turnaround decal to park in the lot.

The parking tag can be used for the turnaround AND the parking lot.

Are there zoning rules within the association?
Please contact East Lyme Zoning for any zoning related questions.
Are there any blight rules within the association?
No. Please contact East Lyme Zoning to file a blight complaint.
Can I have livestock?
Please contact zoning for information.
How do I get a tax bill if I’m a realtor?
Contact Ruth Ames 
Can I park my scooter on the scooter platform?

The scooter platform is for Giants Neck Heights members or their guests with a GNHA turn around decal to use. Scooters will need to enter the turn around and have their turn around decal affixed to their scooter in order to gain access to the platform. Scooters will NOT be allowed to enter the platform from the exit. Scooters will not be allowed to part at the sea wall. GNHA is not responsible for damage or theft to your scooter. Please use the scooter platform responsibly. 

Can I host a bonfire at the beach?

No, members cannot host bonfires at the beach. There are only two BOG members that are allowed to get a permit for association event use ONLY. The Fire Marshall monitors the beach area for illegal fires. 

Can I unload at the seawall?

No. The East Lyme PD/Traffic Unit has determined that the sea wall is off limits to loading and unloading. We have a turn around for this reason. Turn around decals are provided to EVERY household in the association at no additional cost. Parking at the sea wall is reserved for permitted vehicals that town of East Lyme has authorized to park. These include the Ice Cream truck, Italian Ice Truck, and the East Lyme PD when deemed neseccary. Parking at the sea wall is unsafe, as we have children that play on the boardwalk. It also creates a huge traffic issue. When you see the cones out, that does not mean pull up in front of the cones, that means, do not pull up to load or unload. 

We understand there are some folks that have trouble with mobility. The turn around is designed to ensure your safety as you enter and exit your vehicle and walk safely onto the boardwalk.