Important Information and Guidelines

Emergency Access

In the event of Giants Neck Road closure due to an emergency, the Town of East Lyme has provided an access road through Rocky Neck State Park.  Drivers should follow police guidance in the event of a road closure.  Marked entrances can be viewed on the GNHA Emergency Access Map

GNHA Beach Fires and Properties

All Giants Neck Heights Association properties close at sunset. This includes the beach, park/playground and clubhouse (with the exception of a rental agreement). Fires on the beach are not permitted unless previously authorized by the Fire Marshall for GNHA-sanctioned scheduled bonfires. Unauthorized fires on the beach pose a safety concern with children, since the debris left behind may be hot; fires also ruin the beach. We ask that anyone who sees a fire on the beach please contact the East Lyme Police, Fire Marshall and/or one of the Board members.

GNHA Turnaround

A valid GNHA Turnaround Decal or Parking Pass is required to use the Turnaround.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the turnaround decal different than the parking pass?

The turnaround decal is for use of the turnaround only. You cannot use the turnaround decals to park in the lot.  The turnaround decal is to identify association members or renters who all have access to the turnaround; these decals are paid through Association taxes.  Those who don’t need to use the parking lot don’t have to pay for a parking pass.

Do I need to have the turnaround decal on my car window?

Yes.  It must be visible to the turnaround attendant. Each association household has been provided with two window decals. They are removable and easy to switch between vehicles if you have more than two vehicles in your family.

Can I pay for additional decals?

No. Each association household has been provided with two turnaround decals. Turn around decals are not for sale.

Parking Passes

Just a reminder that parking passes are required YEAR ROUND in order to park in the parking lot or at the clubhouse. The parking pass can also be used to use the turnaround at the beach. This is to deter non-members from using our resources.  If you need to purchase a pass, please contact the tax collector, whose contact information is on this site.